The Loneliest Places

Years since inheriting his famous father's private investigation agency, Ellis Dunaway is a man out of time. He is also out of money, clients, and control of his drug habit.

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Jenn was late, of course, even though meeting for happy hour had been her idea, so I ordered a Patrón margarita—rocks and salt—and read negative movie reviews on my phone while I waited.

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Faux Gilt

Reunited too late with the arm to re-attach it, Vanessa kept it in a desk drawer nevertheless. She had already thrown away the stump of the trophy.

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The Wet Season

Levee Magazine, Issue 3 My feet are propped on the penthouse balcony railing of Star Fish Plaza, a Brutalist condominium tower ringed by palm trees that pin down a flap of Guam's western coast.

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The Stereo and the Wind

Angel City Review, Issue 6 Tammy and Eric were killing time until one o'clock when they were supposed to meet a coke dealer in North Hollywood.

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